Memorial Ornaments

Petals from memorial roses are preserved as a lasting remembrance


There is nothing more difficult than losing a close family member or loved one.ornament10_print  These Memorial Ornaments will help ease the pain and provide a feeling of peace and comfort during difficult times.

In 2011, Colleen Kisel lost both her beloved father and sister.

After each funeral, the director handed her a rose. These roses gave Colleen a sentimental feeling, as if a part of her beloved family members still existed spiritually. The roses were comforting.

Since that sad time, Colleen has created a way to preserve rose petals in the form of a “Memorial Ornament.” These precious keepsakes will serve as a lasting remembrance of your beloved friends and family members.


If you have recently lost a close friend, family member or loved one and would like to preserve their memory with a beautiful keepsake, please take a look at the sample ornaments and place an order for a Memorial Ornament.

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